CSRprep - Overview
We hit all the important points.

We're not here to introduce you to some radical new way of studying. Even if we had one, now wouldn't be the time. You've gotten this far in stenography somehow - something has worked. So why would we now tell you to throw it all out the window? This isn't the time to be testing new writing styles, starting yoga classes to calm your nerves or taking strange pills someone offered you. We need to stick to the court reporting basics! The basics work! Can they be boring and repetitious - yes. But we're going to take the things that have worked for you and make them count!

If our CSR Prep Program simply supplied you with plenty of high-quality dictation, that may be enough for a small percentage of you to prepare for the upcoming CSR exam. That's assuming it was used in a productive fashion. But without some kind of solid schedule and supervision, what are the odds of that?

Simply sitting at your machine and writing on your steno machine isn't the way to prepare. It's a great place to start, but it's taking a minimal approach to achieving your stenography goal. So we've set up our programs to cover all the areas you'll need to get a running start at the CSR exam.


With our programs, you will receive a CD (or download) with every day's schedule, along with all of the study material you will need for that day. And we'll do our best to keep each day fresh and keep you engaged! Of course writing on your machine is a big part of our program, but so is preparing mentally, before you even place your fingers on the keys. If you're not in a solid place mentally, being a 280 writer isn't going to do much good. That's where we'll start.


Next, you'll get plenty of great dictation to work with - 4-voice, 2-voice, jury charge, literary, medical, names and numbers - almost 6 hours worth in the 3-week course - 10 in the 5-week! These are files that you'll be able to utilize and keep forever.


Read those notes! There's only one way to tell if you're writing well - read your notes! You may feel like you "got it", but unless you read your notes, you don't really know what you have. Do you really want to find surprises in your notes when it comes time to transcribe? You should be reading at least 75% of what you write. We work that time into your CSR Prep Schedule.


Speaking of transcribing, you need to get in the habit. Write - transcribe. Write - transcribe. Write - transcribe. That's the way the CSR is given, so shouldn't you be practicing that way? It's in the schedule. Grading? CSRprep.com will be grading your mock tests. You won't be grading your own CSR exam, so let's make this a real mock (an oxymoron) and let someone else do the grading for you.


The bottom line - our CSR Prep Program is NOT designed to get you ready for court reporting at an agency or even in the court system. Your school and mentorship hours should be preparing you for that. CSRprep.com is about one thing - getting you ready to pass the CSR exam. So take full advantage of our CSR Prep Programs and you'll be taking a step in the right direction!