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IMPORTANT UPDATE! Due to the success of the SimplySteno program, we are no longer going to be selling the CSRprep program on its own. Both the CSR and RPR programs are now worked into the SimplySteno program (once a student reaches testing speed).

It's because of the success of the CSRprep program that we were able to start SimplySteno over 15 years ago. It holds a special place for us - that's why we're still leaving the website up :)

Thank you to all the students who have utilized this program to pass their state exams. We look forward to helping many more on the SimplySteno platform.

I did the RPR prep program (part of SimplySteno) from you to help me with my certifications. One of the first assignments, if I'm remembering correctly, was to make a vision board. I indeed made a vision board and put every NCRA certification on there. While the board itself is long gone, I've pictured it in my mind over the years. Well, today I achieved the final certification on my vision board. I am now a CSR, RPR, RMR, RDR, CRR, and CRC. I truly believe that doing that vision board helped give me focus to achieve those certifications. Thank you for all you do for the steno community, and thank you for helping me towards my certifications. I am forever grateful.

Lindsey Sill, RPR, CSR (and on and on and on...)


I passed my Illinois CSR! I 100% couldn’t have done this without this program. GREAT program! You can’t beat the price. Marc is very involved with his students and in helping them succeed. Daily lessons that are very structured and explain how to practice. The material is dense, which I feel helped me pass my certification exams!

Emma Lawlor, CSR