CSRprep - About Us
Experience, experience, experience.

What gives me the right to tell you how to study for the CSR exam? Let's start with the basics. I started off as a reader at a court reporting school over 20 years ago. After a year I began teaching higher speeds. After 2 more years I was in charge of the court reporting program. Big deal, right?

Simply moving up the ladder doesn't mean I'm qualified to do anything. Maybe I just outlasted everyone, right? So I don't take pride in the way I moved into the position of program coordinator so quickly. But I AM proud of the things I've learned - the stenography patterns I've seen - what works and what doesn't - and the students I've sent to the RPR and CSR exams. That's the payoff!

If you think anyone can pass the CSR, you're wrong. I've seen enough people go through this from beginning to end to know that. By 100 wpm I can tell you who has a shot and who is wasting their time. That may sound blunt, but it's just honest. Becoming a court reporter is like becoming a concert pianist - it's an amazing skill and everyone can't do it (despite what they tell you in admissions)!

My skill? I've studied the patterns. I've studied what works. And I've put everything I've learned into this CSR Prep Program. I've seen tests passed on the first try and I've seen tests passed on the 12th try. Wouldn't you rather pass on the first?

Marc Greenberg
CR Program Coordinator/Teacher (SimplySteno)